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New Diet Trend: The Best And The Worst In 2021

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Weight loss programs have been prominent for the past decades. However, obesity and being overweight are still the leading causes of many health issues. It’s good to think that people have finally embraced a healthy lifestyle. All thanks to smart advertising marketing, many people had gained access to new diet trend strategies. Almost all kinds of diet programs can be seen on the internet. With just one click, you can easily check out a few options for weight loss programs. Need to share your techniques and methods in a healthy diet? Request a consultation here.



Best New Trend Diet to Try

So picture yourself waking up one day finally decided to let go of your unhealthy habits. But where will you start? For people with weight problems, a diet with health benefits must be on top of their priorities. It’s not just about losing weight and being thin, and it’s about going through the process without compromising your health. Whether it’s a new trend or an old one, all kinds of diet must not put your health at risk no matter what.

Plus, it’s important to remember that diet should be accompanied by regular exercise to achieve optimum results. So let’s dig into the most trendy diet programs to see if their health benefits are just right for you.

Ketogenic Diet

ketogenic diet chartThe ketogenic diet or also known as “keto,” has been the number one trend for so many years. There is no doubt that this diet has been one of the most loved diets out there. It is the most sought-after diet of celebrities. But what is a Ketogenic diet? This diet is low in carb and high in fats.

As you significantly reduce your body’s card intake, your body will be in a ketosis state. During this metabolic state, your body will burn more fat to convert to energy. In addition, ketosis will also turn fat into ketones, which will supply energy to the brain for better functioning.

Ideally, dietary guidelines recommend 200-300 grams of carbohydrates per day, but you can only consume 20 to 30 grams daily with keto. This drastic change will guarantee that your body will enter the metabolic state of the ketogenic diet.

Moreover, aside from consuming high levels of fat, many people on keto also opt for higher protein intake. And this is not just about eating natural resources of protein. Those who want to achieve their weight loss goals would also like to build muscles. This is where protein supplements come in. A keto diet accompanied by protein shakes such as whey will help achieve fitness goals in a shorter period.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet was ranked as the number one plant-based diet in 2020. Its name is derived from the people living in the Mediterranean as they have a very low rate of health diseases. The Mediterranean diet aims to achieve the same level of health by copying the dietary norms of Mediterranean people.

Initially, the people from the said region consume plenty of plant-based meals made from tomatoes (thousands of them), fruits, legumes, seeds, wholegrain, nuts, and seafood. In addition to this, the Mediterranean diet abstains from all kinds of processed foods, including meat, trans fats, and grains. It may not be the first choice of many people when it comes to weight loss, but it is indeed one of the top recommendations of dieticians.

Aside from weight loss, this diet also poses many health benefits. According to experts, the Meditteranean diet helps improve the health of the brain and heart mot especially if the trendy diet is accompanied by regular exercise.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting involves not eating for a specified period of the day. The idea is to prevent frequent snacking to promote weight loss. There are many methods to perform intermittent fasting, but the 16/18 technique is the most famous. The 16/18 method involves restricting the meal consumption for eight hours per day. This means that you can eat your meals for eight hours and fast for the remaining 16 hours. In addition, some intermittent faster skips their breakfast to achieve their goals.

This method helps individuals achieve their weight loss goals quickly. However, intermittent fasting is not safe for everyone as the diet will keep you hungry for 16 long hours. Dieticians recommend having yourself examined by a professional first to know if the diet is proper for you. Obese people who are at risk of diabetes may opt to try intermittent fasting, it will be challenging, but it is worth it.

Flexitarian Diet

And since we are talking about diets on-trend, let us not miss the flexitarian diet. Flexitarian is also known as the “semi-vegetarian diet.” It allows the individual to add minimal animal products such as meats, fish, and poultry to their plant-based diet. This is one of those diets on-trend that helps in burning calories in the most balanced ways.

This diet is the combination of the vegetarian and Mediterranean diet with a little bit of a ketogenic diet. However, it less restrictive and opens more meal options for flexitarians.

Additionally, this type of diet is good for the planet. Why? Because plants leave lower carbon footprints compared with animals. This promotes sustainable or no waste packaging, in general.


Worst Diet Trend to Avoid

Now that we laid all of the best diet trends out there let us find out the worst diet there ever was. Starting with:bodybuilder eating meat

Carnivore Diet
  • risk of increased cholesterol
  • promotes diseases
  • not recommended if you wish to lose weight
  • hard to stick with
  • not sustainable
  • possibility of uncontrolled cravings over restricted foods
Atkins Diet
  • not for long term diet
  • negative impact on health
  • safety reasons
Vegan Diet
Cleansing Diets
  • not for a long term weight loss diet
  • not supported by scientific explanations
  • expensive







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