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Missing Back Teeth Solutions: How Essential Is This Restoration?

finding solutions to your missing tooth

Do you have a missing tooth? You have to apply for restoration of these missing teeth. How essential is it to apply missing back teeth solutions? Do we need to restore our missing teeth? If you want to restore your bite with tooth implants, you only have to visit this link and set your appointment with them.


Missing teeth

Common causes why you can miss your teeth are tooth decay, gum diseases and injury. However, some individuals have this condition since birth for certain teeth. You can refer to this as congenitally missing teeth.

Congenitally missing teeth is relative to a person’s genetics. Additionally, common missing teeth are wisdom teeth, lateral incisors in the upper position, and second premolars. Ectodermal dysplasia is one of the most common genetic disorders that can affect your teeth.

In general, missing teeth can negatively impact your oral condition. We will find out the impact of a missing tooth as we go along with this article. Please hang in there and keep reading with me.


Common causes of losing teeth

an old man with a missing toothThese factors are a few of the reasons why an individual might experience a missing tooth.

  1. Periodontal disease or gum disease
  2. Genetics (ectodermal dysplasia)
  3. Cavities
  4. Improper oral hygiene
  5. Injury or trauma
  6. Dental extractions
  7. Wear and tear
  8. Development failure of the permanent teeth (Hypodontia: Failure of 6 or less permanent teeth development; Oligodontia: More than six permanent development failures)
  9. Smoking

Given these causes, why was it so important to address a missing tooth? How can it affect our oral health condition and overall health? Check a few of the effects below. Knowing these after-effects might change your outlook on your missing teeth.


Effects of a missing tooth

It would be best if you do not consider missing teeth as cosmetic concerns only. Our teeth play vital roles that require the completeness of our teeth. In this case, how can a missing tooth affect us? What are the potential consequences of having a missing tooth?

1. Facial aesthetics

First in the line is that a missing tooth can affect your facial appearance. The teeth serve as the primary support of our facial shape and structure. With missing teeth, your face can begin to look sunken and aged. Additionally, it will immensely affect the way you smile and its quality as well.

2. Chewing difficulties

The teeth are the main parts of the body to do the gnashing and tearing of food well. If you have a missing tooth, you may experience difficulty in chewing your food. It will also depend on the position of your missing teeth. The front teeth work on breaking off food into bite sizes. On the other hand, the back teeth grind up the meat and other foods.

3. Speech issues

There is an effect also in your speech if you have missing teeth. You would have difficulty in the pronunciation of certain words. As a result, communicating with others will be challenging.

4. Shifting teeth

Gaps or spaces in your mouth can allow your teeth to shift in their positions. Oral issues, like gum recession or tooth decay, can cause these shifting, and it is more probable due to the gaps or spaces. Shifting of teeth can lead to having more free areas resulting in an impacted bite. Your teeth alignment will be a concern here.

5. Bite irregularities

Relative to the shifting of your teeth, you can have irregular bites. This condition will affect the health of your remaining teeth and the other parts of your body such as head or neck. An improper bite may cause headaches, muscle pain, wearing of teeth, and worse, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD).

6. Bone loss

If you leave your missing teeth unreplaced, it will be the leading cause of your jaw bone loss. The teeth support and stimulate the jaw bone. If you have missing teeth, you will no longer stimulate the bone that previously supports that teeth. Missing teeth trigger the bone loss in your jaw if you leave it as it is.

7. Tooth loss

Aside from bone loss, you will also develop a higher risk to lose more teeth. It is the domino effect of losing at least one tooth.

8. Greater risk of acquiring health issues

The open pocket that your missing tooth left will serve as the bacteria’s gateway to access your gums. In effect, it can cause the inflammation of the gums. This inflammation can develop into gum diseases, promoting more loose teeth, tooth loss and bone loss. The bone loss will significantly affect the structures of your jaw and your facial features.


Solutions to restore missing teeth

As shown above, missing teeth are not just cosmetic issues. Missing teeth have significant and adverse effects on our oral health and overall health as well. In this case, we can say that it is essential to do actions about it.

Given these points, we have to undergo solutions to treat or address a missing tooth. We have stated a few of these treatment options to help you with your missing tooth.


1. Dental implants

If you are only missing a single tooth or several teeth in different areas, the dental implants are best for you. It will allow you to have a custom-made tooth. Under this procedure, the dentist will securely fix this custom-made tooth to your bone. As a result, it will provide your teeth with stability and long-term functionality. Dental implants also act like your natural tooth. Additionally, dental implants provide a permanent base for a replacement tooth.

  • Advantages: (a) It resembles a natural tooth. (b) Dental implants do not involve neighbouring teeth and will remain intact.
  • Disadvantages: (a) It requires you to be in good physical condition. (b) You have to wait for the complete healing of your dental implant before attaching the replacement tooth. (c) The cost of implants is quite expensive. (d) It is an invasive surgical procedure.


2. Removable partial denture

A partial denture is a simple option to replace missing teeth. A removable partial denture is excellent for individuals with a few missing teeth. Your dentist will ensure that the false teeth land on the exact spot of your missing teeth.

  • Advantages: (1) If you lose another tooth, your dentist can place the additional tooth in your partial denture. (b) The price is low. (c) A partial denture is easy to repair and replace. (d) It is only a simple procedure that requires the addition of metal clasps.
  • Disadvantages: (a) It may cause discomfort. (b) You have to remove and clean your denture daily as well as remove before sleeping. (c) The metal clasps of this denture are visible.


3. Implant-supported bridges

The dentist will prefer this if you have multiple missing teeth in a row. Your dentist will only need the teeth on two ends to secure this in place.

  • Advantages: (a) It is an economical choice for missing teeth in a row. (b) It is as effective as an implant in like manner. (c) It provides a natural look in your mouth.
  • Disadvantages: (a) It is possible only for a condition with missing teeth in a row. (b) Furthermore, it is not a permanent solution. It requires replacement over time. (c) This option requires numerous dental visits.


4. Tooth-supported bridge

Your existing natural tooth will serve as the support for this bridge. Additionally, the dentist will be placing a crown on your existing teeth and cement it into place.

  • Advantages: (a) It provides the same natural look. (b) The process for this option is less invasive. (c) A more economical choice compared to implants.
  • Disadvantages: (a) The natural teeth that will support this bridge might need to undergo filing to match the crown’s size. (b) The adjoining teeth are at risk for potential damages due to poor bridge fitting. (c) Cleaning difficulty since food particles can get stuck underneath the bridge.


5. Flipper

It is only a temporary partial denture, which you can flip in and out of its position. Moreover, it is not dependent on any neighbouring teeth nor have any metal clasps.

  • Advantages: (a) Relatively have a lower cost. (b) A painless option to replace missing teeth. (c) A lighter option compared to a partial denture. (d) It serves as a temporary tooth replacement option.
  • Disadvantages: (a) It might cause discomfort. (b) Its bulky design is prone to breakage.


As you can see, you have plenty of treatment options to choose from to address a missing tooth. On the positive side, missing teeth will no longer have to concern you. You only have to visit your dentist to check the appropriate treatment option for you.

On the other hand, you have to ensure that it matches your needs perfectly. You and your dentist have to check all the necessary considerations for your missing teeth.


Realizations about missing teeth

We kept mentioning here that missing teeth are not cosmetic issues only. It is an oral condition that requires proper treatment. Furthermore, restoring your missing teeth is primarily essential for chewing your food properly. Let me give you brief information on what could happen if you don’t chew your food well.


Not chewing properly

As a result of not chewing properly due to missing teeth, your digestive system can become confused. Furthermore, the body will not produce enough enzymes essential to break down the food you intake.

Consequently, you will develop digestive problems such as the following:

  • Bloating: Your belly feels swollen after eating.
  • Diarrhea: You will experience loose, watery stools more than three times in one day.
  • Heartburn: Acid reflux causes heartburn wherein some of the stomach contents are pushed back up the esophagus.
  • Nausea: It causes the sensation that you want to vomit.
  • Indigestion or dyspepsia: It is a typical result of overeating or eating too fast.
  • Nutritional deficiencies: Proper chewing of food allows you to take out all the food’s nutrient contents. If you didn’t chew well, it would be difficult for your body to absorb the nutrients, leading to malnutrition.

These are only a few of the side-effects of not chewing food properly. There could be more of it, which may also affect the overall health condition of an individual. The missing teeth can hinder the proper way of chewing food. As a result, it might develop risks that can affect overall health.


Ways to prevent missing teeth

As has been noted, we have several options to replace a missing tooth. However, wouldn’t it be better not to have a missing tooth in the first place? The preventive measures to keep our teeth healthy are still the best solution.

  1. Brush your teeth regularly. The best is at least twice a day. It would be excellent as well to use a toothpaste with fluoride content to strengthen our teeth. You have to ensure using a toothbrush that matches your teeth. Soft-bristled brushes are preferable. Change your brushes about every three months.
  2. Perform flossing at least once a day. Daily flossing can help remove the food particles in between your teeth. This way, the bacteria has no option to feed themselves and grow inside your mouth.
  3. Using a mouthwash can also help strengthen your teeth. Choose the right mouthwash that can kill the bacteria inside your mouth.
  4. Eat a well-balanced diet. Choose your food intake wisely. It would be best to eat food with nutrients that can help you strengthen your teeth as well.
  5. Quit smoking. It can cause teeth decay, loosen your teeth and make it fall out of your gums.
  6. See your dentist regularly even twice a year. Your dentist will provide you with a professional cleaning to remove the plaque that brushing and flossing alone cannot do. Aside from that, your dentist can immediately identify if you have potential oral health concerns. In effect, they can apply corrective measures right there and then.

These preventive measures are not hard to practice and maintain. You only have to be committed to it.



senior couple smiling with complete teethIn the final analysis, we can say that missing teeth are not an oral health concern only. It can also have adverse effects on our overall health in the long run. If we do not take actions, it can progress to severe health problems.

Aside from that, missing teeth can provide visible effects on our facial features and structure. This effect might also affect how we portray ourselves. Self-confidence might decrease due to this condition. We might even lose opportunities out of it.

So, before the situation about your missing teeth slips out of your control, you better take actions now. Go ahead and visit your dentist now. Restoring your missing teeth is still possible. The treatment options may vary, including their costs.

Generally speaking, you only have to continue practicing your proper oral routine to make them last longer.

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