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Cinderella Solution Reviews: Can It Make Your Weight Loss Come True?

Start losing weight and be healthy.

Cinderella Solution reviews may or may not encourage a customer about its product. Generally speaking, some women go crazy over losing weight. Some reasons are about the way obesity affects their appearance. But most importantly, others gain concerning health issues due to becoming overweight. This condition increases the need to lose weight even more.

Unfortunately, some individuals experience difficulties when it comes to natural weight loss. For this reason, they start to look for other ways, such as any weight loss program. Cinderella Solution is one of the weight loss programs a woman can consider. This article will provide us more information about the Cinderella Solution program. Let’s find out if it’s a fairy tale or a real deal in losing weight.


Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program

Cinderella solution program could be the weight loss solution for you.Carly Donovan designed the Cinderella Solution program, specifically for the female body. Men and women have differences when it comes to how their bodies gain weight. In this case, Carly Donovan saw the need to create a diet program designed for women.

Let’s briefly discuss how Carly Donovan reached the point of finding the Cinderella solution to help women lose weight. Formerly, Carly Donovan was an overweight woman before she discovered the weight loss program. She has also been in the weight loss business for over ten years.

During her endeavor in the weight loss process, she found out that women from particular countries do not experience weight issues. For this reason, she started to do careful research to help these women who want to lose weight without undergoing rigorous processes.

Generally speaking, women experience hormonal imbalances, making it difficult to lose weight. Fortunately, Cinderella Solutions can help you lose weight within 28 days. It helps regulate the natural hormones in the body, such as insulin, cortisol, and estrogen, enabling significant fat reduction.

On the other hand, various weight loss programs are available. Each of them offers a diet plan for fat burning. However, some of these programs include rigorous processes and a longer time to see visible results. In this case, we’ll see the weight loss approach of Cinderella Solution.


Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Phase

The journey of losing weight.Cinderella Solution involves two phases, wherein each stage takes 14 days or 2 weeks to complete. These phases make up the weight loss journey for a total of 28 days. Cinderella solution includes the ignite and launch stages, which we are about to discuss next.

Ignite Phase

Ignite phase is the first process in the program. In this case, you need to follow a meal plan as part of the program. You will only eat three meals a day. In effect, your body will accept the new atmosphere and regulate the natural hormones for weight loss.

Launch Phase

During the launch phase, there would be changes to the meal plans. Women in phase 2 need to take four meals a day. However, they will follow a diet plan, including combining foods that will enhance weight loss.

Generally speaking, losing weight requires picking the right food combination. Relative to Cinderella Solution, the following food combinations are the most popular ones.

  • Green tea and mint
  • Ricotta and banana
  • Fish and fresh garlic
  • Apple and chocolate
  • Greek yogurt and sweet potato

By having these food combinations from Cinderella Solution, women will gain an enhanced metabolism. As a result, they will have rapid fat loss. Some may want to reduce weight as soon as possible. But then again, we should keep in mind that patience is necessary for weight loss. Nothing is instant. We have to learn how to wait and follow the instructions that any weight loss solution requires.


What to Expect Inside the Program?

If you purchase the program, Cinderella Solution comes with different packages. Each package will encourage female fat loss throughout the 28-day weight loss journey. Below are the inclusions you can expect from Cinderella Solution.

1 Cinderella Solution Main Manual

The main manual of Cinderella Solution discusses the functions and roles of hormones in the weight loss process. Additionally, it explains the different types of hormones that affect weight loss in women. The manual includes four significant parts, which we will discuss further in the latter part of this article.

2 Quick Start Guide

Some people are not fond of reading manuals. Fortunately, Cinderella Solution included a quick start guide. It will take the user directly to the process of losing weight.

3 Movement Sequencing Guide

The movement sequencing guide is the manual that will explain the workout part of the program. Nevertheless, an individual may or may not pursue the workout.

4 Bonus Daily Nutritional Blueprint

This material is only a bonus from Carly Donovan. It states her step-by-step journey in achieving the weight loss of about 84 pounds. Isn’t this such an inspiring material to allot your time with somehow?

5 Cinderella University Book

Meanwhile, this book involves the primary factors that cause weight gain and weight loss in women. This book can increase women’s knowledge on how their body processes weight gain and loss.

Overall, these contents will make it easier to perform this 28-day fat-burning program designed for women. Weight loss will no longer take place as a frustrating approach to anyone who needs it. Moving forward, let’s now discuss the contents of the main manual divided into four parts.


Cinderella Solution Main Manual

The manual of any product we buy is an essential part of the package. That goes the same way for the Cinderella solution. Its manual contains jam-packed information that you will need for the program. Additionally, they have organized the distribution of the processes involved in the program.

This way, the users can quickly grasp the program’s method of losing weight. Given this point, let us now enumerate the four parts that make up the Cinderella Solution. We will now be unleashing the vital details incorporated inside the Cinderella Solution manual.


Part One: Program Explanation

The first part of the manual includes three chapters that explain the following.

Section One: It explains losing weight from the inside out. Additionally, it gives details to females where and how to get started.

Section Two: This part describes the weight loss rituals, including the following.

  • Food Coupling: It involves the pairing of food that will not lead to adverse health and digestive effects.
  • Flavor Pairing: Food tastes also matter to serve as motivation as well.
  • Nutrition Timing: It refers to eating foods at strategic times to achieve desirable outcomes.
  • Slim-sequencing Workout Activities: Some overweight cases may require doing exercises aside from a proper diet.

Section Three: In this part, the user will read about the Ignite and Launch 2-Phase Approach. Moreover, it also explains how to keep the cycle of these two phases going.


Part Two: The Use of Daily Nutritional Blueprint

We are now moving to the second part of the manual. Let’s see what it includes.

Section Four: This chapter explains the Cinderella Tool 14-Day Calendars. The calendar helps make excellent food choices and lose weight. Aside from this calendar, the second part also talks about daily meal plans and some recipes.

Section Five: Meanwhile, this chapter shares information about macros and food pairing without encountering deficiency. That includes the following items.

Section Six: This part of the manual talks about the essential timing to eat food and its frequency. Like what we have already mentioned earlier, the ignite phase requires three meals daily. As for the launch phase, it requires four meals.

Additionally, it is not only about how many meals a female should take per day. The manual also indicates when to eat these meals. A meal plan is an essential aspect of this program to achieve successful weight loss.


Part Three: Meal Creator and Flavor Pairing

Oh well! We are indeed successfully exploring the contents of the Cinderella Solution manual, aren’t we? We are now in its third part. Let’s continue our navigation. In this part, we have four chapters to look into, which you can see below.

Section Seven: It contains the 3-step instruction guide that is easy to follow for the user’s convenience.

Segment Eight: The user will see how to pair a meal during the ignite and launch phases.

Section Nine: This part discusses the portion options for food distribution.

Section Ten: Meanwhile, this chapter explains food and portion blocks. Food blocking involves the measurement defining how much macronutrients an individual needs to take throughout the day.

Generally speaking, flavor pairing aims to enhance internal balance and ensures that the body is internally strong. Therefore, women can achieve balanced hormones and body metabolism. That makes sense in successfully losing weight.


Part Four: Top 10 Flavor Pairs and Weight Loss Combinations

Wow! We are already at the last part of the manual. Guess what! The program comes with a few bonuses for their customers. They have included the following add-ons with every package of Cinderella Solution.

  • 21-Day Kickstart Nutrition Guide
  • The Movement Sequencing Guide

Congratulations! You have completed the Cinderella Solution manual navigation. At this point, what we need to explain now is about purchasing the program. Where can we ask about this product? How much does it cost? In this case, please allow us to explain it further to you next.


Purchasing the Cinderella Solution

weight loss program designed for women.In any product, it is typical to ask for details about it before purchasing. This article has provided some information earlier. If you have more queries, their official website is waiting for you. In actuality, women can buy Cinderella Solution from this website.

The price of Cinderella Solution is $37. For every solution purchase, they are giving their customers a bonus Cinderella Accelerator System worth $150. Furthermore, the program has a 60-day money-back guarantee for those who found the product ineffective.

This 60-day money-back guarantee is already the customer’s safety net if they are unsure that the solution will work for them. In a few cases, diet may not be sufficient enough to shed away those excess fats completely.

So, Cinderella Solution allows you to try their product and see it for yourself. That if it seems not working, you will get a full refund. If it works, you can now say goodbye to the fat you want out of your body for the longest time already.


Cinderella Solution Review – Fairy Tale or Real Deal?

Female hormones are pretty ecstatic. For this reason, a women’s body also experiences weight issues. The system of the body may find it difficult to remove fat from the food they eat. In this case, women tend to look for weight loss programs to help them, aside from diet.

Meanwhile, the Cinderella Solution review stated that the solution is an easy-to-use weight loss program. Women don’t need to undergo rigorous processes and extended periods to lose weight successfully. As much as possible, we want to reduce weight without doing it the hard way.

On the other hand, you are still free to read recent posts about the solution to know more about its background. You may also find customer reviews stating their individual experiences with the product. Every weight loss system may have different effects on the body of the user. So, results may also vary.

For this reason, everyone should be keen on checking all the details. It would also be best if women consult a health professional first to confirm the status of their bodies. This way, they would know how to address the condition appropriately. Doctors can even give recommendations to their patients.


Losing Weight

Generally speaking, body fat is necessary, but for an ideal percentage only. The body needs to maintain a healthy weight, regardless of gender. It is essential for our overall health and well-being. Furthermore, maintaining a healthy weight lets us enjoy the following benefits.

  • Cinderella solution reviews will turn out good after excellent outcomes.First and foremost, a healthy weight allows you to live longer.
  • Secondly, it reduces the risk of developing chronic illnesses.
  • It also helps achieve increased fertility.
  • Moreover, it promotes a better quality of sleep.
  • Additionally, maintaining a healthy weight gives you the motivation to exercise regularly.
  • It even secures your emotional health.
  • Furthermore, it can protect you from developing age-related diseases.
  • You will even have more energy and can improve your mobility with a healthy weight.

These benefits may not be everything you can gain from maintaining a healthy weight. There could be more. For this reason, you may try to consider using the Cinderella Solution. If you are not satisfied with it, you still have the chance to get a full refund. So, feel free to visit their official website and raise your queries.



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